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"My Quiet Place"

About Still Single

What is Still Single?

Still Single is a self-check book that gives insight on my personal journey within my single season. 


Who is Still Single targeted to?

Still Single is not a self-help book for single men and women seeking to get married. It is more of a reference from my point of view, on how to be a whole person in your single season. If the choice or desire presented itself you will be fully ready to step out of your single season and into the life of a married man or woman. Most relationship books, speak on what to do once engaged or married. I have found very few that tell you how to enjoy life as a single person or even prepare to be married. 


When was Still Single Created?

Back in 2014 as I began my journey into a new job, new educational goals, new dating style, and finally stepping into my entertainment career I was also headed to a climatical point in my single life. Being a work in progress the thought of writing Still Single was just that, a thought. I hadn't lived enough, yet. So, it was laid to the side for almost four years. 



Moving from Winston Salem, NC to the  Washington, DC area to give a different pace of living, stepping more into my acting career and living the next level of my life. Residing in the DMV area has definitely enhanced my desire to be the best version of Meka that I can be. 


Why was Still Single Created?  

Still Single was created to 1) put at ease the frequently asked question "Meka why are you still single?" 2) to reach out to my fellow single men and women who may also get this question, more than they desire to say "Hey guys, chill. I am happy AND single. If I choose to get married I want to make sure that I am a whole person." In all honesty, it was a way for me to tell my story as to why I have been single since September 2008. To give rest to I need someone to "make" me happy. 

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